The founders.

Matthieu, Alexandre et Joël are three experts in data who have been working together for 20 years. For them, it is crucial to put data at the service of field teams in an accessible and easy to understand way.

The Kaptain Charlie adventure began with, the data assistant with an artificial intelligence capable of providing the right data to the right person at the right time. The data assistant is used by the largest French companies (Technicolor, Renault, GRTgaz...).

In contact with major retail companies, the team quickly understood the need to create a custom solution to meet the performance management needs of field teams. After conducting an in-depth study with more than 60 Regional Directors, the team launched Kaptain Charlie, the virtual coach that maximizes the performance of the stores.

Matthieu Chabeaud


Alexandre Schneider


Joel Célaries

Lead developer

How was Kaptain Charlie born ?

Kaptain Charlie is the result of a 6-month survey of over 60 Regional Directors of major retail chains in France.

71% say it is a high priority to improve the way field teams use data to improve sales actions performance.

We therefore co-constructed a solution adapted to this challenge and tailor-made for the field teams.

Our vision ?

Put data and artificial intelligence at the service of the performance of retail field teams.

Our study showed that field teams do not have the time to analyze long reports in detail to understand how to improve their performance. With Kaptain Charlie, we wanted to build a simple and proactive solution that immediately communicates essential information to the user and guides him in his reflections thanks to artificial intelligence.

Our mission ?

Make retailers gain a few revenue points by aligning the worst-performing outlets with the best.

Access to the right information, actionable at the right time, and better communication about performance within a network can make all the difference!

Of course, your entire network will not become a "top performer" but what would be your gain if each store could move up a level? We estimate this gain at between +2 and 4% of your sales.

Align the performance of all your store with the best!

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