Artificial intelligence and data at last at the service of
performance in the field.

No more indigestible Excel or PDF reports sent to your points of sale!
Kaptain Charlie is the wise coach that adapts to the situation of each store.

A powerful Artificial Intelligence

that selects the relevant indicators every day to enable each point of sale to progress

An educational conversational module

that allows to quickly make the link between data and concrete action levers to be put in place

A web interface designed for mobility

accessible on smartphone / tablet / computer

Comparison and collaboration

at the heart of Kaptain Charlie's operation to enable emulation throughout the network

Daily flash

Each user receives a daily email flash that allows them to identify the priority areas on which to focus. To go deeper, he is invited to connect to the Kaptain Charlie interface.

✅ Intelligent selection of indicators on which the store has room for improvement based on its results, comparable results and the store's priorities.

✅ Taking into account the situation of each store but also the priorities defined by the company

Flash Kaptain Charlie


The Kaptain Charlie interface provides the user with key indicators in the form of intelligent cards.

At a glance, he has access to all relevant information:

✅ His progress compared to the previous year
✅ The performance of comparable stores
✅ The value of the indicator
✅ A button to quickly launch the Kaptain Charlie analysis
✅ A share button

Levers of action

Kaptain Charlie has a large library of action levers associated with performance indicators that can be customized for each store.

For each store, Kaptain Charlie's artificial intelligence will interrogate the data and suggest to the user the three most relevant action levers to improve overall store performance.

The user reviews each action lever in the Kaptain Charlie conversational interface.

Analyse Kaptain Charlie


Each action lever is associated with a very concrete and immediately actionable advice.

At the end of the analysis, the user leaves with a summary of the suggested improvements.


At each stage of his analysis, the user has the possibility to share the indicators as well as the advice received with another member of his team or his manager.

Unified network,

magnified performance.

Kaptain Charlie delivers only actionable information to each Store Manager..

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