Artificial intelligence and data at last at the service of
performance in the field.

No more indigestible Excel or PDF reports sent to your points of sale!
Kaptain Charlie is the wise coach that adapts to the situation of each store.

An easy access to relevant information to improve performance

✅ Kaptain Charlie sends a daily flash to understand in 2 minutes the performance of the store and see what can be improved.

Suggestions of analysis to understand immediately the reason of the stall in the objectives and take corrective actions.

Comparaison of the performance with other similars stores defined by the chain

Factual information for everyone in only a few seconds by talking with Kaptain Charlie.

Flash Kaptain Charlie

A network-wide tool to motivate and align all store managers

✅ One tool to allow everyone in your store network to improve the sales performance.

✅ A smooth communication on the results thank to a collaborative plateforme.

A better identification of the actions to prioritize

Alignement réseau retail

Easy, accessible, and proactive to fit in the frontline teams busy day

Kaptain Charlie was specifically designed to meet the needs of field teams who are constantly on the move and do not have time to consult reports.

Accessible on computer but also on cell phone or tablet

Kaptain Charlie is a proactive assistant that can reach a user by email or on your usual communication channels (SMS, Whatsapp, Teams...)

A collaborative workspace.

Communicate easily with your team around the results of business operations through a collaborative platform.

Share the results

Alert an employee to a number

Ask a team mate of your manager for advice

Unified network,

magnified performance.

Kaptain Charlie delivers only actionable information to each Store Manager..

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